Mobile crane assembles power lines in the Gothenburg region

The swedish government has decided to rebuild and improve a long transmission line route in the Gothenburg area, because the demand for electricity is increasing and a failure in today’s core network management could cause major negative impacts on electricity consumers.

In May 2011, extensive efforts to build a powerful new AC power line for 400 kV between Stenkullen and Lindome outside Gothenburg was started and in connection therewith, the existing DC line had to be removed.

30 power poles to be installed
Cranes with capacities of 30 up to 220 tonnes has been working for about four months assembling the poles for power lines. At most, we had five mobile cranes running during the power line construction. A total of 112 power poles will be erected and about 30 of them will be assembled bit by bit and lifted into place with our cranes.

Heavy elements
These particular power pole bits weigh between 20 and 46 tons in total and each consists of nine pieces. The total height of the power poles are 46 feet.

The assembling of the transmission line is scheduled for completion in May 2012.

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