Sluice Refurbishment with mobile cranes in Trollhätte Canal

The 82 km long canal runs from Lake Vänern into Kattegat. It is now time for the six locks between Vänersborg and Lilla Edet to get their continuous improvement and Nordic Crane Kynningsrud is taking part in the renovation work.

Before the renovation could begin, the water flow was stopped and the channel emptied of water. There are huge amounts of water, 21 billion gallons were pumped out of the lock chambers. The first day of the stoppage four cranes of 60 to 100 tonnes lifting capacity were on the spot and helped turn off the water flow in the channel.

In just over three weeks to come, five cranes from 30 to 60 tonnes will be operated in two shifts from early morning to late evening.

On September 19, opened the channel again to traffic

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