New General Manager at Kynningsrud Prefab AB

After six years as General Manager Tommy Sigurdsson hands over the leadership of the plant to Joachim Lindroth.

Tommy Sigurdsson, who was involved in the recruitment of the new CEO, appreciates the confidence he had in his position and looks back on a long and wonderful time in a company of extremely strong growth.

Joachim Lindroth, previously served as General Manager at Truck Centre in Uddevalla, sees his new assignment as a challenge and comes with a visible leadership to lead the factory and its staff against both old and new and exciting goals.

Handover Ceremony

At today’s hand over ceremony Chairman of the Board, Harald Kynningsrud, and Division Manager Pål Sanne celebrates Tommy Sigurdsson for a brilliant job done – to have developed the plant into what it is today.
Joachim Lindroth was welcomed as a new member of the “family” and his new appointment as CEO. Lindroth himself describes the service as Uddevalla right now by far finest position.

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