Fighting for new industry standard

Kynningsrud Prefab has long been pushing for increased safety zone during ongoing element assembly. In recent times, barriers in the vertical direction has been the focus area, since the industry has experienced serious accidents where one has experienced that underlying floor covers have been unable to withstand avalanches from the overlying level. The trend in the market towards larger and heavier concrete slabs has raised the issue again. Kynningsrud Prefab has therefore helped to arrange a specialist meeting to establish a new industry in the area.

Away from “two-floors-rule”

The established industry practice has been having two molded floor coverings between the assembly work and other work on the building. Technical meetings were initiated by the Norwegian Concrete Association, which aim to establish a standard that says that “erecting work should be completed before others working in the building can begin”.

New standard – better safety and economy

It often takes a long time to establish new industry standards. Short construction time is a competitive advantage of concrete industry today and this is a prerequisite for both element suppliers and general contractors. The indications that a new standard is not too far away, is that all the players seem to be in agreement that the proposal involves improved safety, and that it will also provide economic benefits to building projects. Experiences that contractors have made show that element suppliers get better logistics conditions and can achieve shorter structural assembling time. When we rig the place to ourselves, we can operate more efficiently.

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