Additional facade walls order to our record project!

In August 2015, the deal was made that Kynningsrud Prefab will deliver the concrete frame to Mölndal Galleria, an order that almost touches the entire SEK 110 million. We have now received an extra order for facade walls and will deliver approximately 9400 sqm additionally.

Different types of facade walls

– It is very satisfying to even get the opportunity to deliver facade walls to one of Western Sweden’s largest construction projects, says Jon Blomberg, Head of Sales at Kynningsrud Prefab.
– The size of this additional order normally corresponds to a larger project. It testifies to how huge Mölndal Galleria as a project really is, he says.

Besides the standard gray walls the project contains patterned concrete and die-cast walls. A die-cast wall involves preparing the casting table with for example wooden molds to form a pattern or wrapping of the finished wall.

Investing in the development of facade walls

Kynningsrud Prefab possesses high competence within the facade segment since we the last few years have strategically invested in developing our skills. Nowadays Kynningsrud Prefab manufacture most facade types that are demanded on the market, including terrazzo, polished structures, different colors, exposed and brick facades.

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