Kynningsrud becomes mentor company

This cooperation will continue for two years and the idea is that students should use Kynningsrud in its curriculum in order to create a local reality in their school work.

Visited the mentor company

It was a whole bus load of total 41 students and three teachers who visited the company at this initial meeting, where they were given a presentation about the company and cought a glimse of the factory.
The students were very active and asked tricky questions like “when was the company founded,” “have you built some castles” and “do you earn good money at Kynningsrud” were examples of 10-year-olds creativity.

– It will be exciting to meet these young people in a period of two years, says HR Manager Patrick Sundstrom, who is the initiator of this collaboration.

– The plan is that I will visit the classes in school soon and catch up on the questions that they did not get answered. I will also, together with the teachers, find things we can concretely work on during the period of the cooperation, he concludes.

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