The assembly has started at Mölndal Galleria

Briefly, the project consists of two parts on each side of Mölndal bridge.

Both buildings consists of business premises on the ground floor, parking garage in four levels and on top of this   eight floors of housing will be built.  Parking houses will connected by a new bridge over  Mölndal bridge.

– Actually, it is nothing special about the installation of this project compared to other assembly projects we have had. The difference is that this is huge,   comments Assembly Manager Andrew Hesselroth at the start of the project.

Gothenburg turns “Kynningsrud-green”

The assembling of the business premises and car parks frames will last until March 2017.

– This project will demonstrate our clear presence in the Gothenburg region for a long time, says Project Manager Therese Karlsson proudly.

Click on the link to follow the installation Webcam!

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