Mobile office containers streamline construction sites

An assembly leader’s workday is increasingly filled with ever more office work in terms of reporting and documentation.  Therefore, Kynningsrud Prefab has now invested in separate and mobile office containers.

Mobile office containers

The 10 foot large office containers is lifted upwards in the building as the assembly process is progressing, and is thus available entirely in assembly front. The office containers are a supplement to the regular office space in the build barracks, which often can be placed at a distance of several minutes running time away from where the assembly takes place.

– This is a great solution for us at the construction site. The office container enables us to implement the leadership at site more structured and efficient, says Kynningsrud prefab assembly leader Daniel Frankling at project Thurmannskogen in Lørenskog.

– Especially on major projects, and in buildings with many floors, this is an advantage also in safety measures, he says.

Kynningsrud Prefab has invested in four office containers. More will be procured if the need arises. This investment is helping to improve the working environment, efficiency, quality and safety at building sites.

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