Namechange – Nordic Crane Kynningsrud og Spesialtransport

All the names of companies in the Kynningsrud Group will be preceded by “Kynningsrud” as of 1st October.

This means in practice that the following companies will change their names. The new names will be:

Kynningsrud Nordic Crane AS (formerly Nordic Crane Kynningsrud AS)
Kynningsrud Nordic Crane AB (formerly Nordic Crane Kynningsrud AB)
Kynningsrud Spesialtransport AS (formerly Spesialtransport AS)

We would be grateful if you could note the name change for your records.
The name change is a step towards presenting all four of our divisions as a more unified and clear entity.

Our trademark signal green livery remains unchanged, and we will continue to endeavour to be the most professional and preferred partner in our market.

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