Biggest precast project to date

The project comprises two new hospital buildings with a total floor area of 67,000 sqm. This is an increase of approximately 35% compared to the current area. The hospital has outgrown its premises and need to be expanded. At the same time, they will also be establishing a modern emergency department with capacity for both medical and technical development in future.

‘Västfastigheter and Byggdialog have given us the responsibility for providing an optimised and cost efficient turnkey solution for the expansion. Kynningsrud Prefab has been involved in the design and planning from an early stage, which generates the greatest returns for everyone involved,’ says Carl-Johan Appelberg.

Environment and energy saving

Kynningsrud Prefab is at the cutting edge when it comes to environmental aspects related to construction using concrete elements. The company has long used crushed stone materials as filler instead of natural gravel in order not to disturb water filtration processes in nature. During production, wastewater, waste concrete and residual concrete are fully recycled to ensure that the external environment is not affected. Another environmental benefit is that concrete structures retain heat. This storage capacity helps to bring down the expensive peaks in energy use on cold winter days.

Marknadschef-Carl-Johan Appelberg

Carl-Johan Appelberg

‘This allows the hospital to reduce its energy consumption. The fact that the client and the turnkey contractor have put such an emphasis on making use of our extensive prefab expertise is something we really appreciate,’ says Carl-Johan Appelberg.

The expansion of Skaraborg Hospital in Skövde is a so-called partnership project in which the client, suppliers and contractors have an open and close relationship in a shared organisation. Expansion of the hospital is scheduled for completion by 2023.

‘This is the biggest prefab contract in Norway and Sweden for many years, and we are very pleased that the developer has chosen us,’ says Head of Division Pål A. Sanne.

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