HSE-week: Safety first!

Such coordination between the sister companies provides benefits in the security work.

Raising the security level

The goal of the HSE week is to raise the level of safety by giving our employees a comprehensive understanding of each other’s working conditions, and working together to find the best solutions. Security is something you create together, and assessments and reflections across the disciplines are important.

Security conversation

Prior to the HSE week, Kynningsrud has been trained in conducting individual safety interviews. In short, this is about two people discussing the risk factors in a concrete, imminent task. Through the HSE week, the organization will train to uncover risk factors through such conversations. It should feel natural that an employee “interferes” in the performance of what is being done. Security conversations made are easily recorded in a newly developed App.

«Tollgates» – multidisciplinary risk assessment

It is nothing new, but it is nevertheless an important recognition that the most important premises for the safe execution of work tasks in production and assembly are laid at the design and planning stage. Kynningsrud therefore carries out so-called “toll gates”. In the early phases of the project, multidisciplinary risk assessments are called in, where the various subjects help to make the right choices – at a sufficiently early stage. Many “toll gates” are implemented during the HSE week, and here there will be increased participation from our own organization to raise the quality of the assessments. Our customers are welcome to attend.

Safety first!

Throughout the HSE week, Kynningsrud’s employees will be well visible on the construction sites, dressed in visibility clothing with “Safety first” on their backs, which is Kynningsrud’s mantra. Extended safety rounds will be conducted, courses and training activities will be implemented. “Rescue after fall in harness” is a regular and important element. Safety first also applies in a situation where something has not gone as planned – and then it is important to have practiced to deal with the situation in advance.

Torkil Kynningsrud, Security Manager at Kynningsrud says:
– I am concerned that safety should be at the highest point 365 days a year, but consider it important to put extra focus on important issues during the HSE weeks to ensure that our employees to come safe home every day.

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