Develop large residential area outside Gothenburg

Kynningsrud and AF have bought land in attractive Floda outside Gothenburg to be able to develop 200 to 300 new homes with a good commuting distance to Gothenburg.

– We already see great interest from residents in Floda, and growing interest among young families in Gothenburg to move to Floda, where they can find housing at a reasonable price and still be close to work in Gothenburg, says regional manager of AF Projektutveckling, Hans Östling.

The new residential area will be built on the so-called “Växthustomten” at Floda center in Lerum municipality, with proximity to both public transport and beautiful nature.

– The new residential area will have a comfortable walking distance to Floda center with all the offers there and commuter station for trains. The area is located in scenic surroundings with good hiking opportunities towards Nääs Castle. Here in Floda you can live both well and comfortably, says Olof Olausson, general manager of Kynningsrud Bostäder.

The 27,000 sqm area, where flowers have previously been grown in large greenhouses, has been purchased by Kynningsrud Bostäder and AF Projektutveckling, which will develop and build the area together. Now the planning of the new homes starts in collaboration with Lerum municipality and other stakeholders.

– Floda in Lerum municipality is a very interesting area with a strategically good location. The municipality is positive about the plans and sees great opportunities for housing development. We look forward to continuing the work and welcome Kynningsrud Bostäder and AF Projektutveckling to Lerum municipality, says municipal councilor for construction, Eva Andersson (C).

VD Kynningsrud Bostäder Olof Olausson

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