Kynningsrud won competition for residential development

We are proud and happy to have gained the confidence to implement the housing project Eken 15 in Parkstaden in Borås, together with Semrén & Månsson Arkitektkontor. – Kynningsrud Bostäder will build two elegant buildings inspired by existing buildings in Parkstaden, says general manager of Kynningsrud Bostäder, Olof Olausson.


Parkstaden in Borås is close to both the city center and nature, and offers opportunities for fantastic living qualities. You both get the social community and the comfort of large residential buildings along with the feeling of a detached house with garden facilities. The design of the buildings is important both out of respect for the surroundings, but also to create a good living environment.

Sustainability is important

Both the construction process, the material selection, installations and new technology are important for the sustainability in the project. We think about ecological, economic and social sustainability. The project is planned with good accessibility according to today’s demands for diversity and comfort. This is where both the young, small family as well as older couples fit in.

Good living

The houses get a light green, plastered facade with classic windows, beautiful roofs and marked entrances. All apartments have a balcony or a private patio in the generous garden, where there is also space for cultivation and a shared patio. The detailed plan for the project is ready and construction is scheduled to start in 2022.

Don’t hesitate to contact Olof Olausson for more information.

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