Builds new hospital in Østfold County

The South-East health region, Helse Sør-Øst, builds a new hospital in Østfold County close to the E6. Kynningsrud Prefab will deliver the concrete and steel products to the one of the buildings.


New General Manager at Kynningsrud Prefab AB

After six years as General Manager Tommy Sigurdsson hands over the leadership of the plant to Joachim Lindroth. Tommy Sigurdsson, who was involved in the recruitment of the new CEO, appreciates the confidence he had in his position and looks back on a long and wonderful time in a company of extremely strong growth. Joachim Lindroth, previously served as General

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Foundations for health care center

  Kynningsrud Fundamentering will put 195 concrete piles to the ground. Our part of the project will last for about five weeks.


Foundation bought big piling machine

This piling machine frames steel pipes up to 1200 mm in diameter, in addition to regular piles. It is equipped with personnel basket, compressor with outlets both front and rear of the machine, it has got a welding machine and the potential for electronic measurement and sync protocol, four cameras and the ability to register for the vibro. Machine operator

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