Precast erects health care center

Kynningsrud Prefab manufactures and installs 19,000 sqm hollow core slabs and concrete walls with steel support system to the new health care center in Fredrikstad. Two installation teams are working on the project in order to reduce installation time. – Our part of the project will be completed in November, says project manager Anders Østmark.


Builds new hospital in Østfold County

The South-East health region, Helse Sør-Øst, builds a new hospital in Østfold County close to the E6. Kynningsrud Prefab will deliver the concrete and steel products to the one of the buildings.


Builds new car park

Kynningsrud Eiendom builds new car park to solve the tenants’ parking needs at the head offices of Kynningsrud and Nordic Crane Kynningsrud in Fredrikstad. The car park is built in co-operation with Kynningsrud Prefab AB, who offer perfect solutions for car parks like this. The car park will be ready for use at the beginning of August 2012.


New General Manager at Kynningsrud Prefab AB

After six years as General Manager Tommy Sigurdsson hands over the leadership of the plant to Joachim Lindroth. Tommy Sigurdsson, who was involved in the recruitment of the new CEO, appreciates the confidence he had in his position and looks back on a long and wonderful time in a company of extremely strong growth. Joachim Lindroth, previously served as General

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Foundations for health care center

  Kynningsrud Fundamentering will put 195 concrete piles to the ground. Our part of the project will last for about five weeks.


Buys more of Kasen industrial area


Foundation bought big piling machine

This piling machine frames steel pipes up to 1200 mm in diameter, in addition to regular piles. It is equipped with personnel basket, compressor with outlets both front and rear of the machine, it has got a welding machine and the potential for electronic measurement and sync protocol, four cameras and the ability to register for the vibro. Machine operator

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Kynningsrud Prefab sells Scanpile shares

Scanpile AB manufactures and supplies concrete piles for the Swedish-Norwegian market fromthe factory located in Ucklum in Sweden. 31.12.2011 Hercules Grundläggning AB took over all the shares in Scanpile AB. Division Director Pål Sanne in Kynningsrud Prefab says that it was natural to sell out, becausepile production is not part of their core business. Kynningsrud Prefab is in the middle of an investment phase for concrete production, where aninvestment plan of over 100 million will be implemented. Kynningsrud Concrete is concrete product supplier to the Norwegian-Swedish market. The company has a good order book and will sell for over 350 million in 2012.


Charity gift of 2011: Builds homes for orphaned children in Kenya

Together with the employees nok 250,000 is given to build an orphanage in Mombasa, Kenya.The project is a collaboration with North-South Partnership Aid (NSP Aid). The orphanage is located in an area of ​​great poverty, and the local church has identified 50orphaned children who need help. The money covers the construction of a new building that will house 12 children. Ceremony The gift will be presented to NSP-Aid on 23 December in connection with Christmas terminationfor employees with their families in Fredrikstad. Kynningsrud group in Norway and Sweden wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear!


Sluice Refurbishment with mobile cranes in Trollhätte Canal

The 82 km long canal runs from Lake Vänern into Kattegat. It is now time for the six locks between Vänersborg and Lilla Edet to get their continuous improvement and Nordic Crane Kynningsrud is taking part in the renovation work. Before the renovation could begin, the water flow was stopped and the channel emptied of water. There are huge amounts

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