Sluice Refurbishment with mobile cranes in Trollhätte Canal

The 82 km long canal runs from Lake Vänern into Kattegat. It is now time for the six locks between Vänersborg and Lilla Edet to get their continuous improvement and Nordic Crane Kynningsrud is taking part in the renovation work. Before the renovation could begin, the water flow was stopped and the channel emptied of water. There are huge amounts

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Nordic Crane Kynningsrud lifted torch at Shell raff

Three cranes from Nordic Crane Kynningsrud AB lifted down the 60 meter high and 24 tonnes heavy torch inside the Shell refinery, which is used to burn off excess gas from the oil production. From the ground, and diagonally up to the torch wires were connected to keep it in an upright position. A 100-tonne and 500-tonne capacity crane first

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Kynningsrud Prefab builds stylish apartments

Kynningsrud Prefab delivers precasted concrete products and steel constructions to this project.


Crane Nordic Group AS acquires T. O. Bull AS

T.O. Bull AS has for many years been the largest mobile crane operator in the Oslo area. The crane and transportation business consists of 190 employees and 160 mobile cranes/crane trucks/trucks. The business will continue with all its contracts, agreements and obligations set in T.O. Bull AS. The acquisition does not include concrete pumps. This activity is carried on by

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Transporting and lifting huge gas tanks

The 14 gas tanks weighs 70 to 230 tonnes each. Mobilcranes with lifting capacity 220 – 500 tonnes are used to lift these tanks. For transport we use our own transport solutions and transport equipment. Operations Manager of Nordic Crane Kynningsrud transport department is in charge of the project.


Kynningsrud Prefab AB streamlines its factory

Previously these activities were held in a different building on the site, which wasn’t the best for our business. Also the equipment important to both engineering and carpentry business has been modernized, so now we have two well functioning production halls to support our manufacturing processes in future. We consider that the proximity of the production will be efficiant and

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Nordic Crane Kynningsrud expands on the swedish west coast

The company is 89 years old! From 1973, owner Ingvar Andersson established crane operations within the company and operated it until today, focusing on crane services in the Varberg area on the Swedish west coast. Krantjänst in Varberg AB has mobile cranes from 60 to 120 tons, truck cranes and a concrete truck. The company will be coordinated with Nordic

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Nordic Crane Group AS buys T.O. Bull AS

T.O. Bull AS has been the leading mobile crane operator in the Oslo aera for several years.


Mobile crane assembles power lines in the Gothenburg region

The swedish government has decided to rebuild and improve a long transmission line route in the Gothenburg area, because the demand for electricity is increasing and a failure in today’s core network management could cause major negative impacts on electricity consumers. In May 2011, extensive efforts to build a powerful new AC power line for 400 kV between Stenkullen and

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Åpning av Kynningsruds Haldenkontor

I slutten av mai feiret Kynningsrud åpningen av sitt nye kontor i Halden. Rundt 200 inviterte gjester feiret med. Det var en storslagen feiring i strålende solskinn. Åpningen ble feiret utendørs med underholdning av Henning Kvitnes og under ledelse av Ole Evenrud og Eva Kynningsrud Dobbing Avduking av monument Kynningsrudgruppen delte ut Hjørnestensprisen, som er en utmerkelse til personer som

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