Danish crane success becomes part of Nordic Crane

On 21st of June the Danish crane company Kran-Kompagniet became part of Nordic Crane, when the owners sold 70% of the business to one of Scandinavia’s leading crane companies. This means that Nordic Crane will now be a supplier of all types of lifts in Denmark as well as Norway and Sweden. More than ten years ago, brothers Morten and

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We are building our fifth project for 24Storage

24Storage, a fast-growing player in self storage, is expanding with another acquisition in Gothenburg. Kynningsrud Bygg has for the fifth time been hired to build for 24Storage.   – We are very pleased to be a hired partner for 24Storage, says CEO Henrik Ekman of Kynningsrud Bygg that the company will once again, for the fifth time, build the warehouses.

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Develop large residential area outside Gothenburg

Kynningsrud and AF have bought land in attractive Floda outside Gothenburg to be able to develop 200 to 300 new homes with a good commuting distance to Gothenburg. – We already see great interest from residents in Floda, and growing interest among young families in Gothenburg to move to Floda, where they can find housing at a reasonable price and

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Foundations for culvert at double tracked railway

A new double track from Tønsberg to Oslo is being built, planned to be completed in 2024. Foundations of culvert for double track Kynningsrud Foundation has been commissioned to perform support walls and stiffeners for the majority of a culvert (concrete tunnel) along the new double track. The culvert becomes 21 meters at its deepest, and therefore high demands are

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HeidelbergCement acquires Kynningsrud Prefab

Kynningsrud Prefab manufactures and installs precast concrete for different kinds of buildings. The company is an established actor in the market for precast concrete in Western Sweden, Southern Norway and Oslo, with production facilities in Uddevalla and Fredrikstad. The business has 350 employees and annual net sales of around NOK 700 million. The sale of Kynningsrud Prefab is taking place

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Quarterly meeting: information and experience transfer

The quarterly meeting has a fixed agenda, where the managers present the status within HSE, operations and staffing, planned investments and purchases for the next period, financial figures such as turnover, project and profit margin and order backlog. Presenting status within the market work; projects won, which offers are for clarification and jobs to come. Some themes create more engagement

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HSE-week: Safety first!

Such coordination between the sister companies provides benefits in the security work. Raising the security level The goal of the HSE week is to raise the level of safety by giving our employees a comprehensive understanding of each other’s working conditions, and working together to find the best solutions. Security is something you create together, and assessments and reflections across

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Acquires WBM Hyrkranar in Stockholm

WBM Hyrkranar has two depots in Stockholm and has been a department of Lambertsson Kran, owned by Peab. WBM crane rental WBM Hyrkranar has 19 employees and 14 mobile cranes, with a capacity of 30 to 300 tons. All employees have been offered employment at Kynningsrud Nordic Crane AB. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane AB is headquartered in Gothenburg with branches in

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Invests 500 million into new mobile cranes

The company was established in eastern Norway and large parts of Sweden. Our strategy is to grow further in the Scandinavian market. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane puts health, safety and the environment first. Our new machines satisfy the highest environmental requirements in the market, and thus support our HSE strategy. Kynningsrud Nordic Crane has also invested in self-erecting mobile tower cranes,

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Biggest precast project to date

The project comprises two new hospital buildings with a total floor area of 67,000 sqm. This is an increase of approximately 35% compared to the current area. The hospital has outgrown its premises and need to be expanded. At the same time, they will also be establishing a modern emergency department with capacity for both medical and technical development in

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