Kynningsrud supports development of orphanages in Kenya

It was a happy day as the two new houses that we have collected funds for were completed and inaugurated. A delegation from the companies traveled to Kenya to be present at the opening and came back with memories for life. It was good to see that it is possible to help and that the money actually reaches the purpose.


Foundations for Halden Brygge going on

In all, 90 friction piles will be put down for the new commercial building. This makes about 2 500 meters of piling. The pile lenght is between 30-37 meters. This in order to secure and stabilize the ground  for the new building, that will be ready in 2013.   More information about the commercial building Halden Brygge.


Builds new car park

Kynningsrud Eiendom builds new car park to solve the tenants’ parking needs at the head offices of Kynningsrud and Nordic Crane Kynningsrud in Fredrikstad. The car park is built in co-operation with Kynningsrud Prefab AB, who offer perfect solutions for car parks like this. The car park will be ready for use at the beginning of August 2012.


Buys more of Kasen industrial area