Totalentreprenad Green Storage, Farsta

Totalentreprenad för Green Storage

We have built our sixth facility for the former 24Storage, now Green Storage in Farsta in Stockholm. A “greener alternative”.

Noise barrier

The “Self Storage” project consists of two buildings. The buildings are on four floors with a total of 6,700 square meters. The storage facility is built directly adjacent to an area where new homes are being built. The facility must function both as a noise barrier and as a service building for the residents of the area. A smart concept for all parties involved.

A “greener” alternative

– It is both practical and environmentally friendly to build warehouses directly connected to the accommodation. We are pleased to have such a good collaboration with a company like Green Storage, which thinks practically and environmentally friendly. It is a thread in Kynningsrud’s goal of building “greener”, says Henrik Ekman, CEO of Kynningsrud Bygg.

Vi utförde

Turnkey contractor
Building of 6700 sq m
Green Storage is the customer