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Business areas

High competence and great reliability

Over a number of years, Kynningsrud has established itself as a company characterized by high competence and great reliability. We are today a versatile player in our industries, and through our business areas we work to continue to live up to the expectations our customers have for Kynningsrud.

Close cooperation and good solutions

Our business areas are each independent, active and capable of delivering, but collaboration across the companies is also important. Close cooperation and good routines benefit our customers through smart solutions and a short path from need to solution.

Nordic Crane

Nordic Crane is a leader in mobile cranes, truck cranes and transport services in Scandinavia. We operate locally, nationally and throughout Scandinavia. Sustainability and respect for the environment are important to us.

Kynningsrud Property Development

Kynningsrud Eiendom invests in and develops business property projects in Norway and Sweden.

Kynningsrud Construction

In collaboration, we build for expansive customers who want an overall solution for all parts of a building project, from the purchase of plot areas to finished buildings.

Kynningsrud Residential Development

Our ambition is to be a safe player who always finds good solutions within construction and housing development, both for you as a customer and to our partners.

Kynningsrud Capital

We invest in exciting business ideas in growing markets, with solid management. Sustainability is fundamental in the investment philosophy even when we go outside Kynningsrud's core businesses.

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