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The Transparency Act

Syftet med lagen

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The general manager and the board are overall responsible for the routine, and must ensure, in consultation with the subject managers, that due diligence assessments are carried out in the various parts of our company's business areas.


Implementation of due diligence assessments must be based on the OECD's model for due diligence assessments for responsible business:

Due diligence assessments must be carried out according to the following working methodology:

+ Annual working meetings must be held to carry out due diligence assessments.
+ Risk mapping must be carried out in relation to our purchases of goods and services.
+ We will seek available information about our supply chains and mapping of risks from industry associations to which we are affiliated. Measures can be implemented directly against suppliers from our operations or by a joint inquiry from the industry through industry associations or other collaboration partners.
+ Based on risk mapping and prioritization/materiality assessment, areas for improvement and measures must be prioritised.
+ The result of risk mapping is documented in a written report. The written report from our due diligence assessments must be easily accessible by contacting apenhet@kynningsrud.no.
+ In line with the Transparency Act, we provide information in the annual report about where the report is available and update the report by 30 June each year

Processing of information requirements

Anyone has according to the Transparency Act, upon written request, the right to information about how our operations handle actual and possible negative consequences related to human rights and decent working conditions in our supply chains.

Notification of objectionable conditions

See our policy and reporting system for reporting objectionable conditions.

Ethical guidelines and sustainability

See our policy for Ethical guidelines and sustainability.

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