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Inclusion and diversity

Equality, diversity and respect

Kynningsrud works for a working environment characterized by equality, diversity and mutual respect, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and to realize their own potential.

At Kynningsrud, you are equally valuable regardless of, for example, skin colour, orientation, faith, gender and functional level.

We want a diversity where everyone is included and equal – both at work and in society in general.

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The employees and others involved in Kynningsrud’s operations will be treated in a way that does not discriminate in relation to gender, skin colour, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship, social or ethnic origin, political conviction, trade union membership or other conditions. Kynningsrud does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any of our workplaces. We must meet those who are affected by our operations with respect, dialogue and participation.

Kynningsrud has a fundamental respect for international human rights. Kynningsrud will not buy products or services that are based on forced labour, slave labour, child labour, social dumping or that are produced in opposition to the right to an organized working life.

Kynningsrud Sustainability

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