Happy to be of service!

Vision and values

Our vision and our values ​​underpin everything we do

Kynningsrud is a partner you can put your trust in. It is important to us to act as a safe and honest partner, both towards our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our vision “Happy to be of service” guides our way. We believe, that those who participate in developing and modernising their society experience their job as meaningful and feel privileged.

We are happy to be of service – for society, for the environment, to our customers and to each other.

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Value base

We aim for our employees to be characterized by honesty, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Honesty in the organization creates security, openness and trust.

Loyalty to the company creates obligations and belonging, and forms the basis for cooperation and decisions.

Enthusiasm among employees creates creativity and development, motivation and innovative thinking.

Core values

Towards customers and suppliers, we shall be characterized by strength, security and precision.

We have large resources at our disposal and have skilled and motivated employees who work with the highest degree of safety.

We have over 70 years of experience in building businesses, have a high ability to execute and solid finances.

We keep agreements, have high competence and quality focus .

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