Danish crane success becomes part of Nordic Crane

On 21st of June the Danish crane company Kran-Kompagniet became part of Nordic Crane, when the owners sold 70% of the business to one of Scandinavia’s leading crane companies. This means that Nordic Crane will now be a supplier of all types of lifts in Denmark as well as Norway and Sweden.

More than ten years ago, brothers Morten and Erik Mortensen and their good friend, Casper Petersen, decided to follow their dream and start their own mobile crane business. In order to become an industry leader, they are now selling the majority of their business to Nordic Crane.

– We have had ten very good years with great success, but to take part in larger scale of projects we need increased volume. We are looking forward to this partnership with Nordic Crane, which will give us an opportunity to develop further, and make it possible for us to have a larger share of the Danish market, says Morten Eriksen, co-owner of Kran-Kompagniet AS.

– Kran-Kompagniet is a solid company that is well established in Denmark. We have been looking for a partner in Denmark for a long time and found a good match in Kran-Kompagniet. We are excited about this Danish adventure ahead, says Morten Heli-Hansen, director of Nordic Crane.

– The agreement marks a milestone, as Nordic Crane is now represented throughout Scandinavia, says Pål Kynningsrud, CEO of Kynningsrud Group, which owns Nordic Crane.

Kran-Kompagniet will be profiled as Nordic Crane. It will continue to be led by Casper Petersen, while Morten and Mikkel will be responsible for the Danish departments on Zealand and Jutland.

For further information::

Casper Petersen +45 53381174 / casper@kran-kompagniet.dk

Morten Heli-Hansen +45 30189020 / morten.heli-hansen@nordiccrane.com

About Kran-Kompagniet:

Kran-Kompagniet was founded in 2011 and specializes in lifting everything that can be handled with a mobile crane. The company operates with crane projects and specialized transport within Denmark and internationally. The company cover all types of goods.

About Nordic Crane:

Nordic Crane is a leader in the Scandinavian mobile crane market, both within truck cranes and transport services. Nordic Crane has 350 mobile and truck cranes, and is part of Kynningsrud group, headquartered in Halden, Norway. The company currently operates within three business areas: Cranes, Property Development, Construction and Residential Development in Norway and Sweden.